Science and Business: A Symbiotic Relationship

The relationship between science and business has always been a controversial one. Science, once a discipline completely separate from business has now become a necessary aid in its development. Businesses require new technologies in order to operate efficiently; science needs the support of other industries to aid in its burgeoning growth. Their relationship has become one of give and take.

ImageLooking back, science has served as a catalyst for industrialization. This led to technological advancements and the improvement of various developing countries’ economic footings. The Industrial Era has shown that the countries that prosper the most are those that ride the advancement of technology. Science, however, needs the backing of business to develop. Moreover, business relies on the development of science to prosper. As a clarification though, science does not exist because of business nor does business exist because of science. Both of these exist as human means to various ideals: improvement of lives, profit, convenience and the like.


The progress in science and technology usually occurs due to the availability of funds which serve as “investments”. Experts see these to be a potential source of business. This process repeats itself as scientific R&D advances, and thus, businesses also progress. There have been countries which previously had strong economies that crumbled down because they were not able to “ride” with the waves of science. Moreover, there are also countries which adopt unsustainable and environmentally harmful practices, which in the end, do not benefit them. As an effect, quality of living and even of the environment is adversely affected.


Science constantly innovates while businessmen continually pursue industrial growth. In this era of rapid industrialization, the relationship between business and science has become more apparent. Given that, I would still like to believe in business sustainability through proper support of scientific research and the increase in funding for the advancement of science, especially in urgent and significant matters such as climate change, and biotechnology. These measures would not only lead to improvements in our economy, but also enhancement of the quality of living and the environment.


I am a citizen of a less-developed country. As such, the value of the relationship between business and science is even more evident to me. I think. I care. I value.

By: SCI 10 – Section GG – Platinum Group


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